A Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is an authentication given by the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) or potentially one of the different Export Promotion Councils (EPC) or Commodity Boards – essentially offices and associations that work towards the advancement and improvement of fare organizations and are approved to do as such by the Government of India. It is an enrollment endorsement gave for a long time and means that the holder of the declaration is enlisted with FIEO/the concerned EPC or Commodity Board. A portion of the well known EPCs incorporate apeda, sepc, gjepc, tea board, eepc, and flavors board. The candidate of the RCMC needs to announce their essential line of business while applying for it, and ownership of a RCMC involves an exporter to every one of the advantages and points of interest of the separate parent association.

For what reason is RCMC required

As an exporter, you need to apply for a RCMC authentication in the event that you are,

Looking for approval to export (or import) any confined thing

Wanting to guarantee different advantages under the Foreign Trade Policy

Searching for benefits offered by the Customs and Central extract specialists

Note that a RCMC is material in any event, when you intend to send out at least two items that fall under various classes and consequently unique EPCs.

Step by step instructions to Apply for RCMC

To apply for a RCMC endorsement, you need to present the appropriately filled application structure ANF 2C to the EPC that relates to your export item. For instance, on the off chance that you are a tea exporter, you will apply to the Tea Board, while in the event that you are a readymade articles of clothing exporter, you will apply to the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC). Extensively, there are two classifications of exporters – vendor and producer. To enlist as an assembling exporter, you need to give evidence of your current assembling office.

Documents required for RCMC

First and foremost, you have to submit the duly-filled and signed RCMC application form ANF 2C. Apart from the form, you have to furnish self-certified copies of the following documents,

  • IEC Number issued against the applying export entity.
  • PAN Card
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association (For Corporate/institutional/Private Limited/ Limited company), Partnership Deed (in case of Partnership firms and LLPs), or Trust Deed (in case of Trusts).
  • In the case of a company, the certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies regarding registered office change is needed.
  • GST registration certificate.

In the case of a service exporter already in business, three years’ services export data certified by the exporter’s Chartered Accountant has to be provided. Proof of payment of membership fee to the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) also has to be provided.

In case the name of the signing authority does not appear in the IEC/MOA/Partnership Deed/Trust Deed, etc., a self-certified copy of the Board Resolution or Power of Attorney issued in favor of the signing authority has to be provided.

Other key things to remember

  • You will have to intimate your RCMC registering authority of any changes made in name, address, ownership or constitution within a month of such change.
  • As an exporter, you will be required to furnish quarterly returns providing the details of your exports to your registering authority.
  • In case of violation of the terms and conditions of registration, the registering authority can deregister your RCMC for a particular period. In all such cases, the authority serves a show-cause notice and provides a reasonable opportunity to the RCMC holder for explanations and rectifying the violation before proceeding with the deregistration process.
  • If you are aggrieved with the registering authority’s decision, you can go to the DGFT and the decision of the appellate authority is considered final.
  • An RCMC certificate is valid from the 1st of April of the year in which it is issued and remains so for five years, ending on 31st March of the fifth year.

    Tips for new Importers & Exporters

    • EPCs have to fulfill specific criteria to become eligible as a Registering Authority. Check if you’re EPC meets these criteria.
    • To apply online, you will need a system with Windows 7 Professional or above as an operating system and the equivalent of Internet Explorer 11 or above as web browser.
    • EPCs may insist on a hard copy of documents uploaded, which then need to be sent to the nearest branch of the EPC.


    • Get well versed with RCMC terms and conditions; the penalty for violation is de-registration.
    • All exporters based out of Odisha have to apply for a RCMC from the local FIEO office instead of the respective EPC.
    • In case of requirement of a Digital Signature Certificate for foreign trade purposes, procure the same from DGFT, as with other providers, your IEC will not be embedded in the certificate.
    • RCMC (Registration Cum Membership Certificate) is a membership certificate issued for 5 years by Export Promotional Councils or commodity board of India. This certificate is issued as a proof that any particular exporter is registered with the council.
    • Any person applying for:
    • An authorization to import/export restricted items or
    • Any person applying for any benefit or concession under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) like duty drawback, duty credit scrips etc.
    • Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices (CRES) issued by Spices Board shall be treated as RCMC and no other RCMC is to be applied with any other Export Promotional Councils (EPC).


  • An application with the concerned Export Promotional Council (EPC) will be filed using the form ANF 2C.

 The exporter can be registered under two categories; Merchant exporter and Manufacturing Exporter.

  • If you choose the option of manufacturing exporter, then you will have to submit proof of that.
  • Further, following points may be useful to you in regard to RCMC registration:
  • While applying for RCMC, an exporter has to declare his main line of business. Further, the RCMC should be obtained from the Export Promotional Council, based on the line of business.  e.g. In case you are dealing in coconut, then you will fall under Coconut Development Board.
  • In case you are not covered by any mentioned export promotional council, then you may apply at FIEO (Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation).
  • Further, in case of multi-product exporters, not registered with any EPC, or where line of business is yet to be settled, then the exporter shall has an option to obtain RCMC from FIEO.
  • In the case of multi-product exporters having their head office/ registered office in north-eastern states, RCMC may be obtained from Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotional Council (except for the product looked after by APEDA, Spices Board and Tea board).
  • In case of exporters of handicrafts and handloom products from the state of Jammu and Kashmir  is authorised to issue Registration Cum Membership Certificates (RCMC)


  • There are 26 Export promotion councils and 9 commodities board in India. Export Promotional Councils (EPC) and Commodities board in India are the authorities for issuing the RCMC. These institutions have been authorised by Central Government to issue RCMC to the particular exporter.
  • Each of the Export promotion Councils and commodities board in India categories itself according to the type of products. Further, in case the product line of exporter does not fall under the category, then he might apply for RCMC from FIEO.
  • Know more about list of Export promotional Councils and Commodities board in India 
  • Every exporter shall furnish quarterly return/details of his exports of different commodities to concerned registering authority.
  • In case exporter is registered with FIEO, then he shall also send quarterly returns to FIEO in the specified format.


  • In case there is the change in ownership, constitution, name or address of any exporter, the exporter shall intimate that change to the concerned registering authority within one month of the change.
  • The Export Promotional Council may de-register the exporter for a specified period for violation of conditions of registration.


In case of any query regarding RCMC registration, you may contact us.