Peru to increase its exports to India

Peru, which has recently come out a new export master plan, said that it would increase its exports to India. Metals like copper, gold, and zinc are among the items that Peru prominently exports to India.

India will be one of the top priority destinations for Peru, a statement said on Wednesday.

“We have implemented a strong plan to intensify our efforts to encourage exports to new markets. Therelationship between Peru and India continues to go strong. This country will become a key market in Asia for Peruvian Companies and Trade,” said Luis Torres, the Executive President of the official Peruvian Exports and Tourism Board (PROMPERU).

Peru is one of the top 10 food suppliers in the world and to boost its exports from the agricultural sector, it has identified a category “Super Foods Peru”, a new brand that includes asparagus, passion fruit, purple corn, quinoa, cocoa among many others, the statement added.