2nd Annual Function

On the occasion of 2nd Anniversary of Global Fortune, KD Sushma (Director of Global Fortune) has organized a special expert-guided lecture on “International Business Opportunity and Marketing”. For this purpose, She invited Experts like Mr. Azhar Tambuwala, Director Sahyadri Farm Producers company, Mr. Parag Mulye, CEO, Vishnu Khanolkar, ECGC Branch Manager, Pune. 

80-100 people attended the function.

KD Sushma is on a Mission to create 1000 Exporters and Entrepreneurs by 2020 and to boost ‘Make In India’ Mission. 

Global Fortune is actively working in 7 states – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Delhi, and Rajasthan.
Honourable Azhar Tambuwala Sir (Director of Sahyadri Farm) shared the export journey of Sahyadri, the problems they faced, how they overcame it. Today Sahyadri farms are widely exported to different countries.
In the second session, Mr. Parag Mulye Sir gave guidance on how to capture International Market, How to find Buyer. Also shared about challenges in the International Business, International Market.
Also, Mr. Vishnu Khanolkar Sir (Branch Manager of ECGC, Pune) provided guidance on how to cover the importer’s risk, how the ECGC helps the exporter.
After these lectures, audience boosted the confidence and believed that export is easy with the help of proper knowledge and planning.

Mr. Chiedebere Moses, Brand Ambassador of Indo Africa Chamber of Commerce shared the business opportunities in Africa.

Mr. Vijay Chate, Young and Dynamic Businessman shared their ideas.

Many people has started the export business under the guidance of KDSushma. Some of them were present for the program. KDSushma had honoured them with prizes. They all shared their experience and problem faced in export journey. 

Also KD Sushma’s book cover “Global Fortune” was unveiled by Guests. This book has complete practical knowledge and systematic guidelines to start or boost up business.

Global Fortune launches Export Import Online Course “www.KDSushma.com” to reach every needy person.  

Global Fortune has also made its membership platform available to the public.

This 2 years Of Global Fortune were so amazing, ups and downs, struggles, fun and learning, happiness and sadness, confidence and frustration, achievement and failure, Travel and learning a lot of explore.
But the journey is always inspiring!!

We feel proud when people say – I always like to be part of global fortune as it only focuses on knowledge sharing, motivation and practical approach.

Thank you for your love, trust and believe. We always like to help you.

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