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If you wish to be a successful exporter, and yet struggling to achieve the desired result then this book is a perfect guide for you. 

You will get detail knowledge about export-import in a layman language. 

We are “On a Mission to create 1000 Exporters by 2020”

So to accomplish the mission we have created this strong knowledge base

that’s easily available and in an affordable way for you all.

This book was written with considering every fact, practical experiences, 

current updates and basics about the Export and Import Business.  

Export Import value proposition

Benefit 1

This book is a solid source for you if you are trying to understand Export-Import system

Benefit 2

By reading this book, you can develop a much deeper understanding about global trade

Benefit 3

This book will provide you Best knowledge about all the concepts of Export in easy & simple language.

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Hi, I am KDSUSHMA having 10-12 years of the Core experience of International Business & I have met, trained and coached more than 50000 of passionate people across INDIA just like you who want to be an EXPORTER and double the value of their business by entering into the International Business and create their International Presence.

This book will help you tap into your inner potential and code a unique Blueprint of success that helps you elevate yourself and your business to achieve exponential growth and start your Export Journey.

Launching Offer: Rs. 499

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