CAPEXIL, a non-profit making organization, was setup in March 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to promote export of Chemical and Allied Products from India. And since then has been the voice of Indian business community. With the headquarter at Kolkata, and regional offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, CAPEXIL has more than 3500 members across the country. One of the fascinating aspects of CAPEXIL is the overwhelming variety of products it deals with.

CAPEXIL is an ardent advocate of exporters to the Government and the primary focus is to provide export assistance to its member exporters.

CAPEXIL sends trade delegation to all major and developing markets around the world, showcases Indian exports all over the world through exhibitions, fairs.

Capexil can help the sourcing needs of an importer anywhere in the world, and also the selling needs of Indian exporters.

Promotional Activities for Exports:


CAPEXIL in its continuous endeavor to promote the business activities of its members, undertake the following activities throughout the year:

● Participates in general and product specific international trade fairs.

● Organizes Buyer Seller Meets and Trade Delegations abroad.

● Organizes buyer contact programmes in India popularly termed as Reverse buyer Seller    Meets.

● Awareness Programmes, Seminars and other activities in India to build awareness and to boost entrepreneurs in the area of exports.

● Acts as a forum for representation of the trade related issues and acts as a liaison between the exporting community and the government, policy planners, quasi government organizations.

● License with Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad and Foreign Diplomatic Missions in India for promotion of business events and other activities.

● Facilitates short term training courses on International Marketing.  

  1. Animal By Products –

Animal Glue, Bone grist, Bone/horn (whole or part) buttons,  blanks,Crushed & degreased bones incl. bone chips, Horn meal and hoof meal, Meat and bone meal, Others (othr thn bons, horncores, ossein etc) Plates and articles thereof, shark bones.

2. Automobile Tyres and Tubes –Tyres, Tyre flaps,Tubes.

3. Books, Publications and Printing- Books & pamphlets, Newspapers, journals & periodicals, Picture postcards/greeting cards etc.,Printed materials.

4. Bulk Minerals and Ores- Aluminium ingot,Bauxite other than calcinedChrome ores, Coal, Copper ores, Gold and silver ore, Iron ores, Manganese ores, Ores n.e.s, Salt, Zinc ores.

5. Cement, Clinkers and Asbestos Cement Products- Asbestos cement pipes, Asbestos cement sheets, Cement, Clinkers, Other asbestos cement products
Other cement products.

6. Ceramics and Allied Products incl. Refractories- Asbestos jointing, Ceramic products nes, Ceramic tiles, Emery, Insulators, Other  asbestos products, Refractory bricks, Refractory materials, Roofing tiles, Sanitaryware, Tableware, kitchenware, potteryware

7. Glass and Glassware – Clinical thermometer, Electrical insulator of glass, Fibre glass, Float glass,Glass and glassware nes, Glass bangles,Glass beads and false pearls, Glass lampware
Glass mirror, Glass phials/bottles, Opthalmic blanks & lenses, Safety glass
Scientific glassware, Sheet glass, Signalling glassware,Table/kitchenware of glass Vacuum flasks. 

8. Graphite Products and Explosives- Detonator, detonating fuse, safety fuse etc.Graphite electrodes, Graphite fines, Graphite products nes

9. Miscellaneous Products- Activated carbon, Coconut shell charcoal, Cutch extracts
Fireworks, Gambier extracts, Myrobalan extract, Other dying & tanning extracts,
Other fertilizers, Safety matches, Superphosphates, Urea

10. Natural Stones and Products – Granite tiles, Granite cut blocks/slabs, Granite monuments Granite products n.e.s, Marble blocks/slabs

 Marble monuments, Marble tiles, Other stones & products, Slate stone

11Ossein and Gelatine – Gelatine, Ossein

12. Paints, Printing Inks and Allied Products- Aluminium paste, Aluminium powder, Chlorinated rubber, Chrome pigments, Gum and other rosin
Lead pigments, Linseed oil, Metal polish, Other inks, Other polish, Paints varnishes & allied, products, Pigments and colouring materials, Printing ink, Shoe polish, Spirit of turpentine, Synthetic enamel, Synthetic resin, Titanium dioxide, Ultramarine Blue, Upgraded ilmenite, Wire enamel
Zinc oxide.

13. Paper, Paper Board and Paper Products-Carbon paper, Cellophane paper, Cigarette filter rod,Cigarette paper, Envelopes, writing blocks, letter pads, Exercise books, letter pads, account books, Lead slip pencil, Other paper & paper board, Paper bags, boxes, other containers, Paper cones, tubes etc. Paper products nes Playing cards, Printing & writing paper, Tissue paper other than cigarette tisuue paper, Typewriter ribbon.

14. Plywood and Allied Products- Cork and cork products, Decorative plywood, Hard board of wood fibre, Other articles of wood, Other plywood, Sandalwood chips, Sawn timber, Tea chest panel, Veneer, Wooden furniture.

15. Processed Minerals –Aluminium hydrate, Ball Clay, Barytes, Bentonite, Calcined alumina (including other aluminium oxide), Calcined Bauxite, Calcined Magnesite, Dolomite, Feldspar, Garnet, Ilmenite, Iron oxide
Kaolin, Kyanite, Manganese dioxide, Natural Graphite, Processed Minerals n.e.s, Quartz, Silica Sand
Sillimanite, Steatite, Wollastonite

16. Rubber Products-

Automobile rubber parts, Conveyor belting, Cycle tyres and tubes, Examination gloves
Gaskets, Heat resistant rubber elastic tension tapes, Hoses, Hot water bottles, Ice bags
Industrial gloves, Other beltings, Other hygienic rubber products, Others incl industrial moulded rubber goods, Reclaimed rubber, Rubber contraceptives, Rubber cots and aprons
Rubber rings, Rubber sheeting, Surgical gloves, Transmission belting

Key Functions –

CAPEXIL offers a full range of services to Indian exporters and foreign importers: 

Information gateway and helping hand for exporters

An interface between the government and the members regarding trade and policy related matters

Dissemination of trade enquiries

Participation in national workshops, organizing seminars/buyer-seller meets

Preparation of relevant market reports

Analysis of Indian export trend across country, product or other parameters

Valuable resource of global trade data

Disbursement of grants through various market assistance programmes

Conducting training programmes on international trade

Access to most competent officers dedicated to quality service.