Be Mad-Recharge Your Life


The beginning of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is for you to, Dream Big

When you think Big, definitely you get Big …. Just Faith On self, you get own way to achieve your dream….

There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations and begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become and have and do.

A wise man once said, “You must dream big dreams for only big dream have the power to move the minds of men” 

When you begin to dream big dreams, your level of self-esteem and self-confidence will increase immediately. Your self-image improves. You feel more positively about yourself and your ability to deal with whatever happens to you.  The reason so many people accomplish so little is that they never allow themselves to let go and just imagine the kind of life that is possible for them.

If you feel like you’re lacking the motivation to dream big.



Whatever it is that scares you, here are 10 ways to help you cope with your day-to-day fears and anxieties.

1. Take time out

2. Breathe through panic

3. Face your fears

4. Imagine the worst

5. Look at the evidence

6. Don’t try to be perfect

7. Visualize a happy place

8. Talk about it

9. Go back to basics

10. Reward yourself




Here are 10 things you can do to build up your self-confidence.


  1. Visualize yourself as you want to be. …
  2. Affirm yourself. …
  3. Do one thing that scares you every day. …
  4. Question your inner critic. …
  5. Take the100 days of rejection challenge. …
  6. Set yourself upto win. …
  7. Help someone else. …
  8. Care for yourself.

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