(Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd. is the most dependable platform where every potential Importer Exporter is provided with the best tool and resources to realize his/her business goals. We provide consultative solutions for the leading and emerging Business-Men and Women to lead the industry with innovation and also the strategies to identify new opportunities and grow their businesses.
It’s not a story of today, but it’s a fruit of tremendous effort of incredible people that is continuously growing from 3 years. (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd, export-import training and consultancy is overwhelmed with the response we have received in these years building our legacy via global fortune all over India. Due to our dedication, faith, hard work, and comprehensive training programs, we have ranked top amongst the best export-import training and consultancy services in India. 
India is the storage facility of ability and expected to be the third biggest economy on the planet by 2030. With a tremendous potential because of a huge pool of working population, the nation is determined to a high development way later on. The import export has led to the introduction of foreign capital to the nation, generation of employment. 
The management at (Global Fortune), export-import training and consultancy work with the most credible organizations in India and the world in the Import Export industry to ensure that our client’s needs are being met effectively.
(Global Fortune), export-import training and consultancy is stepped up in making individuals aware about the opportunities in Export and Import sector. The best Export- import training and consultancy services is having its special style of preparing the people in order to make them familiar with international procedures and frameworks for setting up their own business.  
(Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd.is a professional platform for Training and Consultancy.
We have trained about 50,000 people across the Maharashtra(Pune,Mumbai,Kolhapur,Solapur,Nagpur,Sangli,Ichalkaranji,Jalna,Amaravati,Nasik), Delhi, Gurgaon, MP (Indore, Bhopal), Telangana (Hyderabad), West Bengal(Kolkata), UP region(Kanpur, Lucknow), Odisha(Bhubaneswar),Rajasthan (Jaipur) with a good number of them already doing their export business.
We have devised creative and effective mediums such as continuous Lectures, Seminars, Training’s and Individual Coaching to help them to start their Export Business and to be successful in the most competitive Business Environment. 
On the mission of making our solutions global, the management at (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd Management delegates experts to travel across the globe in countries such as Philippines, Dubai, Europe, Thailand, African, Bangladesh and Singapore countries for Business relationship purposes, coaching and also to study the present opportunities in the regions

Global Fortune is Training & Consultancy For Export & Import, Entrepreneurship Development & Skill Development.

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