About Us

(Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd. is the most dependable platform where every potential Importer Exporter is provided with the best tool and resources to realize his/her business goals. We provide consultative solutions for the leading and emerging Business-Men and Women to lead the industry with innovation and also the strategies to identify new opportunities and grow their businesses.

The management at (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd. work with the most credible organizations in India and the world in the Import Export industry to ensure that our client’s needs are being met effectively.

Mission & Vision of (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd.


A Global Leader to empower every person & every organisation on the earth to create their Fortune.


To help people & business globally, to excel in their business & life.

(Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd. is a professional platform for Training and Consultancy. We have trained about 50,000 people across the Maharashtra , MP, Telangana, West Bengal, UP region with a good number of them already doing their export business.

We have devised creative and effective mediums such as continuous Lectures, Seminars, Training’s and Individual Coaching to help them to start their Export Business and to be successful in the most competitive Business Environment.

On the mission of making our solutions global, the management at (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd Management delegates experts to travel across the globe in countries such as Philippines, Dubai, Europe, Thailand, African, Bangladesh and Singapore countries for Business relationship purposes, coaching and also to study the present opportunities in the regions

The Lioness, Passion-Driven Leader and Founder of (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd. ;

Mrs. KD Sushma, believes in three values;

1) Dream Big, 2) Plan and 3) Take Action.

This has enabled Sushma to lead our organization from the scratch to top of the industry within the span of 1 year.

Great leadership starts with Passion, Plan and Action. Mrs. KD Sushma the Director at (Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd.  is the best version of a passionate leader who has the effective plans to turn her dreams into reality by helping to change the Import Export industry of the Indian Territory and the world.  She is an Entrepreneur and Business Coach with over 8-10 years Experience in the International Business world.

She has worked with about 4 companies and the most significant one being the Cummins India Ltd, Kirloskar Pneumatic Ltd.

The journey of training Importers exporters in India started since 3 years ago when she started her own business named “Kaushal Food Products” and “(Global Fortune) GF Mission India Pvt Ltd”.


 “On a mission to Create 1000 Exporters and Entrepreneurs By 2020″.